SibiCare is a service designed to support a community of siblings who have brothers and sisters suffering with Non-Communicable Diseases such as Schizophrenia.
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What is SibiCare?
SibiCare is a service designed to support a community of siblings who have brother and sisters suffering with NCD illnesses such as Schizophrenia.

It provides a tailor made service through it’s physical and digital platform, enabling siblings to connect with others like themselves that are experiencing similar situations while sharing insightful knowledge amongst each other.

SibiCare will equipt users with additional information from clinical professional and verified sources to train and educate them on future expectancies.
SibiCare's Components
Gives you the Correct Information you’re after about your sibling

Educates Icon
Features elements of Education and Training on how to practically deal with your siblings situation.

Assesses Icon
Where you are on your Journey and how you're progressing.

Networks Icon
Connecting you to other people LIKE YOU or institutions

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Both through people and the platform also other organisations

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Benefits & Impact
Personal to siblings needs

SibiCare recognises the importance of being user-centred and being a service that is personal to the users needs.
Strategic way to gain core insight
It has a strategic way to gain core insight into the lives of the sufferers through their siblings.
Quantitative Data

It has the capability to collect quantitative data for future training of clinical professionals and other stakeholders.
Potential to be scalable

As a service, SibiCare has the potential to be scaled up with the knowledge shared amongst wider communities.
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Design Framework
Psychotic Episode Stages for Siblings who have brothers/sisters with a severe Mental Health
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Team & Advisory Board
Technical Advisor
Freddie McMahon
Thought Leader & Co - Founder DF2020
Clinical Advisor
Ms Jacqueline Sin, @EFFIP_FocusGrps
Mental health nurse
Core Users group
Advisors Siblings Support Group

Business Advisor
Lasana Barrow
Business Coach and Mentor
Route to Market Advisor
Nicholas Coutts
Specialist in marketing of services and innovation management
Global Grad Show 2016 Dubai Design Week
24th - 29th October 2016


Awards & Recognition
Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

'The Helen Hamlyn Design Awards’
Renewing design for the inclusive world 2016

‘Young Digital Leader Awards’
Service Designer of the Year 2016
2nd Place
Judging panels comments - "SibiCare is highly commendable"
Background Note from Founder Evadine Okoye
My older brother Valentine was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia 13 years ago. Throughout the years I have had to learn the triggers and signs of when he maybe experiencing an episode. I’m not his official carer but I care for him because I love him. Though I’m still learning, based on my experiences, I do consider myself an expert in the field. It hasn’t been easy for me. I constantly bereave a relationship I once shared with him, and am still faced with the emotional & physical burden which I hope in time doesn’t affect my own mental health.

SibiCare has been designed for people like me. For a community of siblings that are going through similar situations, if yet – the same when it comes to relating to their brothers and sisters.

No matter how far along they are on their ‘journey’ with their brothers and sisters SibiCare globally connects a network of siblings helping them to help each other. Our overall vision is to make it easier for siblings to care for their brothers and sisters with NCD starting with one sibling at a time.
Keep in contact

Evadine Okoye
(+44) 7531 863 797

If you would like to know more about SibiCare, use one of the contact details above to get in touch.