SibiCare is...

An online service designed to support siblings who have brothers and sisters suffering from different forms of psychotic disorders.

Tailor made to your needs, SibiCare enables you to connect to others going through similar situations whilst sharing insightful knowledge amongst one another.

We are a community, the SibiCare Family.

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We all have a story to tell and a story worth sharing. Find out how telling your story can not only help others but also be a therapeutic outlet on for your own journey.

Note from founder

My older brother was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia over a decade ago and throughout the years, I have had to learn the triggers and signs of when he maybe experiencing an episode. I’m not his official carer but I care for him because I love him. Though I’m still learning, based on my experiences, I do consider myself an expert in the field. It hasn’t been easy for me. I constantly bereave a relationship I once shared with him, and am still faced with the emotional & physical burden which I hope in time doesn’t affect my own mental health.

SibiCare has been designed for people like me. For a community of siblings that are going through similar situations, if yet – the same when it comes to relating to their brothers and sisters.

No matter how far along they are on their ‘journey’ with their brothers and sisters SibiCare globally connects a network of siblings helping them to help each other. Our overall vision is to make it easier for siblings to care for their brothers and sisters with NCD starting with one sibling at a time.

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