Thank you for wanting to share your story with us, especially as we understand how difficult it may be. For some, this maybe a story you have told one too many times, while others this maybe your first time opening and reflecting on your experiences.

We believe that every story is unique to an individual and we admire your bravery to want to share your story with the SibiCare Community.

To help you while you journal your experience, we have put together notes to guide you…

  • Your story reflects your experience, so be sure that you are emotionally grounding before opening up to the community.
  • Identify one event that you feel is worth sharing. What happened during this time?
  • How did it affect you? We understand that it’s not easy to talk about how your sibling’s behaviour may have affected you, but depending on how you see it, this can be therapeutic to address these emotions. However, if it is difficult, we suggest you focus on another event worth sharing.
  • ‘Just be you’ - feel comfortable to express yourself however you want. Either through text of visual art expression. Let your personality shine though and allow us to feel your emotions.
  • The Beginning vs. Now – what is the significant difference between your relationship with your sibling vs. now? What are your thoughts when it comes to the future with your sibling?
  • What advice and knowledge can you share with the community? What reassuring words would you give to someone who maybe going through a similar situation? This could be based on how to build a new relationship with your sibling or selfcare tips to consider.
We look forward to either read your blog entry or to watch your vlog stories. Most importantly, we are glad you chose to share your story with a community who needs to hear it.

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